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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How To Install Replacement Platform Rocker Springs

These are a pair of  Heavy Duty Platform Rocker Springs that I sell in my eBay store Anu Direction. These units are a common replacement rocker spring for many antique and vintage rocking chairs and also used on many recliner chairs both vintage and modern. Even though these platform rocker spring units are made of heavy duty sprung steel they will wear out and break eventually. With a little elbow grease and some common hand tools you can easily replace them your self.

The first thing that you need to do is turn your chair upside down to gain access to the old springs to remove them from the chair. As shown in the top photo there is a flange, with three mounting holes, on both sides of the coil spring units. One mounting flange will be attached to the frame of the chair and the other side is mounted to the rocker base. Sometimes when removing the old springs you will find that some screws have been bent or broken and you will need to remove these old screws the best way that you can without damaging the original mounting hole on the wood frame and base.

Once you have the old springs removed you will be ready to install your new platform rocker springs. Attach one side of the spring to the frame of the chair into the original mounting holes. If the old screws are unusable or the mounting holes have been elongated you will need to purchase new mounting screws. Sometimes you will need to purchase a little larger screw than the original screw. Just make sure that the new screw is not to large to not fit through the mounting hole or to long as to go through and be exposed on the other side. You will notice that the mounting holes are not in a line. The center hole is a little above the two side holes. Once you have the platform rocker springs attached to each side of the chair place the rocker unit in the chair.

When you have the rocker base in place you will see that the mounting holes do not match up. You will need to "spread" the coils to get the mounting holes to match up with the rocker base mounting holes. I use a large flat regular screwdriver for this purpose. Jam the screwdriver between the coils and manipulate the rocker unit and screwdriver so that one of the outside mounting holes match up with the rocker base mounting holes. You will have to hold the screwdriver and the rocker unit in place while you insert the screw into the rocker base.

Once you have one end mounted properly inserted move to the other side of the spring and repeat the process. When you have the two ends in place the middle hole should be lined up with the rocker base. Repeat this process on the other side of the chair.

There that wasn't so bad was it? This process shouldn't take more than a half hour to an hour to accomplish. With some rocking recliners that swivel you have to remove the swivel base in order to access the rocker units. These platform rocker spring units have been used in the furniture industry since the 1950's. Thank you for reading my blog and there will be more upholstery tips in future blogs.


  1. If only one of the rocker springs is broken do you have to replace both?

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  3. does one tighten the arm rests? I can't seem to figure out how without taking it apart. Thanks! ��

  4. Do you still sell these springs? I'm desperately trying to find some of these springs as replacement.

  5. Are there different tensions when purchasing replacements springs?