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Well, (such a deep subject for such a shallow mind) my blog experience is closing in on 6-8 months now. The winter here in New Mexico has been cold so I have not been able to work in my unheated upholstery shop. The weather is turning and warming up so I may be able to get back to submitting upholstery how-to's and projects soon. As you can read I am still going to the Universtiy of Phoenix and selling in my eBay store. Both experiences have had there challanges. I appreciate all of those (world wide) that take the time and find a tidbit of interest in my bantering. You all take care........Duane

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Ol' Fart Is Gettin' His Edumacation At The University of Phoenix

I continue on at the University of Phoenix. We just finished up PSY/211. Like they say it is all "pissalogical". I am not much of a fan of therapy, psychoanalysis and trying to figure out why I am the way I am. Like Popeye says: I ams whos I ams". In my opinion Freud was a nut case fixated on sexual deviations. I bet the guy did it with his clothes on and called out for his mama when he got excited. Well that is my opinion but I am stickin' to it.

What I went away with from this class was increased knowledge of how to create power point presentations. I am gettin' pretty tricky with this medium. My power points now include animation, transitions, audio and soon to include video. Hey you say big deal. Well when you are 61 and have never been exposed to the creation of a power point it is a big deal. Besides my degree is in Internet Information, Multi Media and Visual Communications. So there. I don't know what the hell I going to do with my degree perhaps I will teach other ol' farts how to make power point presentations.

I and what is left of my classmates all got through the class. I am sure that I will continue with my 3.87 GPA average. This group of folk have been dwindling down. I think that we have lost four pupils here this last week for various reasons. With the University of Phoenix and their system you can only miss one class in a five week period.  If you miss more than that you are automatically dropped. I mean it is twenty hours out of a month so unless you are on your deathbed there are not to many valid excuses.

I have in past posts talked about my learning team. Learning Team E. The team was (the key word is was) comprised of four individuals. The team had to give one member the "boot" this last class. It was unfortunate but when the team depends on each other for a grade then all peoples must communicate and participate unless the rest of the team is notified so we can make adjustments. So that was a stressful situation but it had to be done. I will say that the team handled it in a very professional manner.

This class was enjoyable with a informed, engaging instructor. Ms. Lebens, is just a wisp of gal, from Scandahovian heritage, and a Minny Sota accent. Yah Hey. Kinda cute too. But at 61 (me not her) they all are kinda cute in their own way. 

I move on to a composition class where the final is going to be an essay. I think I might just give the teach a link to this blog and say "there ya go sweetie" (yes another female instructor). I don't call them sweetie in class.

Thanks for reading my rambliings........Solidarity to those workers in Wisconsin

Until We Meet Again
Happy Trails

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