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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Was Goin' On In New Mexico In The 1970's

 "Put Your Clothes Back On Ethel"

As many of you know I sell "stuff" on eBay. Well sometimes you run across some pretty unusual stuff. Before I go any further I must warn you that the pictures are of naked women. This is not pornography but pictures of a nude contest put on by, at that time, a local nudist club. So if you find such material offensive ya better turn away now.

I normally don't sell this type of merchandise but when I came across it I couldn't resist the social and historical value of the history of what was going on in the early 1970's. some of you may remember 'Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll". I vaguely of it....and after looking at these "nekked girls" I remember some of those parts also...I still have my memories.

Any way a little background of the event that was held in Corrales, New Mexico. Corrales is a town just north of Albuquerque. Gathering from some brochures and souvenir programs that I acquired this contest was sponsored by the Yucca Naturist Club who claimed that "nudists were everyday people". sure they are they just don't have any clothes on. The organization also promoted that the contest was the "only nude beauty pageant in New Mexico". 

According to a brochure that was part of this collection the Yucca Naturist Club had their own camp ground located at Lava Lakes which was located near Algodones, New Mexico which is about 15 minuted north of Albuquerque. There is no lake at Lava Lakes but the camp was a former commercial trout farm and had several canals for the members to enjoy. This organization was a member of the "American Health Alliance and promoted a family atmosphere. I found interesting when reading the brochure was that the camp was rudimentary with few facilities but had space for travel trailers and camping. Short order meals were available and most importantly "cold showers" I am sure that like many nudists clubs throughout the U.S that the Yucca Naturists Club was a fine organization. I tried to research the club but was unsuccessful  and am unaware if they still exist today. Well enough with this babbling and on with the show.......

My cheap little camera does not the natural beauty of the flora and fawna of New Mexico very well but you get the idea. All of the photos are black and white. The young ladies on stage are all displaying their "assets" for the sake of the good. If you think about it I am sure that today that the ladies are all still very attractive but are more than likely Grandma's. Unless they have discovered the miracles of modern cosmetic surgery things have probably gotten a little less firm and some parts are probably not where they use to be. Damn gravity anyway.

This lovely specimen of gods handiwork (note the big hair popular in the '70's) is Heidemarie Rathke who was the 1970 beauty pageant winner. I did a little research on Heidemarie and discovered that she was a semi-finalist in the 1969 Miss World-USA contest. The information provided in the program also states that Heidemarie was a contestant in The Miss Nude Cosmos pageant held in San Bernardino, California in 1971. so ol" Heidiemarie liked to strut her stuff all over the place.

I acquired these items from an estate. The estate was from the gentleman was a professional photographer and a member of the naturists club. I was able to acquire several copies of the programs, several calendars promoting the pageant and several proof photos of some of the individual contestants. You can go into my eBay store AnuDirection and find listings of these items under category Collectibles Nude Photos
You must be 18 years old to view or have the permission of a parent to view these items. If you are not 18 or you are taking viagra or have a heart condition complications may "arise" from viewing these photos. I am not responsible for any undo slobbering, smacking of lips, or repeating the phrase "will you look at that". consult your medical physician or take a cold shower what ever is the least expensive.

I will have more photos to share with you in a future post. I have on of the adult film star Candy Samples that will "peak" your interest.

Thanks for reading my post and go into my eBay store and buy something.
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Until We Meet Again
Happy Trails

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