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Well, (such a deep subject for such a shallow mind) my blog experience is closing in on 6-8 months now. The winter here in New Mexico has been cold so I have not been able to work in my unheated upholstery shop. The weather is turning and warming up so I may be able to get back to submitting upholstery how-to's and projects soon. As you can read I am still going to the Universtiy of Phoenix and selling in my eBay store. Both experiences have had there challanges. I appreciate all of those (world wide) that take the time and find a tidbit of interest in my bantering. You all take care........Duane

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello: Back From My Break or I Have Been Slackin' Off

Hello. I have been remiss in posting on my blog. In fact I didn't post anything in December and here it is January and this is my first one. Me Bad. I do hope that all had a fine Christmas and a happy new year. My wish for 2011 is that it will be better than 2010 which was pretty bad in a lot of ways. I had a break from my "Edumacation", over the holidays, but returned on January 4th to resume my "learin'" ways. I and my classmates are ending COM/170 in which we will have spent five weeks reviewing sentence structure, adverbs, adjectives, superlatives and so and so forth. The teacher is excellent the subject matter is borrrrrrrrrrring. The next class will be some kind of psychology course. Perhaps that may be of interest. I will see and keep you posted of transpiring events.
  During my down time I have been working diligently on my eBay store AnuDirection. You may want to check it out since I have added many new and exciting projects. The weather in Albuquerque has been very chilly so I have not been able to do any upholstery projects since my work area is unheated and I am getting to the age where I appreciate the creature comforts in life such as heat and being warm when I work.
  Some of you may watch and are entertained by the History Channel's "American Picker" program. The other day I had the opportunity to meet the "First American Picker" who is located right here in Albuquerque. The gentleman's name is Dale Groder and he has been "picking" well before ol' "Mutt and Jeff" ever came along. Dale always has some interesting items and so I have purchased a few items from him that I would like to share with you.

The hood is attached to a double pivot cast iron arm which was manufactured by the D.C. White Company of Worchester, Mass. There is a patented date of August 1, 1911, stamped on one of the arms. On the inside of the hood is a remnant of a label which states "Railroads are vital to National Defense...Do your part....Keep them rolling. This is an interesting find and the resonator is in remarkable condition. I am pretty sure that it still works if installed correctly.

 This antique Western Electric telephone ringer, model 160AR, is equipped to accommodate two incoming lines. I researched this ringer and was not successful in finding any other information about it. The ringer comes equipped with  a "spark killer" "for use on a "fone carrier ckt". This information is on the schematic inside the lid.

 I was able to determine, on the bottom of the can, stamped "ToSF" So from my research that would indicate Topeka & Santa Fe RR.

Made by Handland of St. Louis Mo. USA. The can is stamped AT & SF on the bottom. This black screw top can would make a fine addition to anyone's collection.

These are just a few of the antiques that I purchased from "The First America Picker" I have some more for another post but I need to get them cleaned up first.

That's it for now. My news years resolution is to be more diligent in my postings to my blog.

Until then
Happy Trails


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