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Well, (such a deep subject for such a shallow mind) my blog experience is closing in on 6-8 months now. The winter here in New Mexico has been cold so I have not been able to work in my unheated upholstery shop. The weather is turning and warming up so I may be able to get back to submitting upholstery how-to's and projects soon. As you can read I am still going to the Universtiy of Phoenix and selling in my eBay store. Both experiences have had there challanges. I appreciate all of those (world wide) that take the time and find a tidbit of interest in my bantering. You all take care........Duane

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My University of Phoenix Experience or The Ol' Fart Just Shakes His Head

Hello all. I hope that, those of you, that celebrate Thanksgiving Day had a pleasant day. Those of you that don't celebrate Thanksgiving I hope that you had a pleasant day also. For the two of us, in this household, that have been battling crude that has been going around, it was a day of laying around, watching TV and trying to get better. I finally went to the store and purchased  a bottle of vodka to see if that could get rid of this crap that I have had. Nothing else seemed to be working.
   On Tuesday evening I and my classmates finished the last class of HUM/186. The evening was, to say the least, enlightening, interesting and really illustrated to me how ignorant that some of the "whipper snappers" that attend class with me are. Let me give you an illustration. The subject of art (not Carney) came up in our discussion. Two of the brainyacks piped up and commented on how the arts really didn't have any value in our society at all. They went on to comment on how if a "fagot pussy" came up with some art form and how this "fagot pussy" was a "fagot pussy" really didn't have any rhyme or reason to be on the face of the earth and how these "fagot pussy's" and their art was irrelevant in the whole scheme of things. I sure was glad that I was in college at the moment. I have told you before that the Ol' fart is 61 years old. I have been around the block a couple of times but can anyone tell me what a "fagot pussy" is? Now I know that a "fagot" is a derogatory remark about a gay man and a "pussy" is either a kitty cat or a vulgar slang term about a certain area of a woman's anatomy. So what the hell is a "fagot pussy? A homosexual male cat? A gay man that has had a sex change? See what you all are missing by not being a Phoenix. I get to pay for this edumacation. Fear not it gets better as the evening rolled on. The one idiot, that shall remain anonymous, shortly after he declared his disdain for the arts, homosexuals and women got up and walked to the door and proclaimed he was dropping out of the UoP. Well thank God for small favors. One less moron that I have to listen to.
  In retrospect I should have spoke up but I didn't. For one thing I was in a state of shock that the instructor did not say anything to these homophobes but he may have been in a state of disbelief also. The class is around twenty people and at least half are women and not a peep from any of them. I am constantly reminded that I am attending a class of albeit only twenty something "whipper snappers" but I do find the level of homophobic rhetoric and disregard for women quite amazing. But I must keep this in perspective that the class is only twenty people and we are in New Mexico.
  The other jaw dropper that evening was a classmate whom I refer to as "knowitall". I anointed this classmate with this tittle because he knows it all (just ask him) and it kinda rhymes with his name. His brilliant comment was the "flowers don't have any value in our society". WHAT, could you please repeat that remark? I am old and my hearing ain't what it used to be. So the asinine remark is repeated. I shake my head. My question to him was "do you like to breath? Do you ever eat honey, tomatoes or strawberries? How about those jeans ya have on...where did they come from. Duh. His retort was that he was talking about flowers that you put in a vase and look at. Oh "so you have never received or given flowers to anyone to express gratitude, grief or joy"? I have told you about the "deer lookin' into the headlights" response that I get when I sometimes voice my opinion. His response was that I would need to take a psychology class to understand. My response was I didn't need to take a psychology class to understand that flowers do have a value in our society but that I may need to take a psychology class to understand his idiotic remark. About that time the teach changed the subject.
  I shake my head. I am constantly amazed at the level of disconnect with this group about our environment, our Constitutional rights, respect of women, homophobia and a lack of grasp of the English language. It will be interesting to observe if this changes as we progress in the University of Phoenix experience.

All for now.
I wish you all the best of the holidays.
God be with you and yours.
Until we meet again.
Happy Trails


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