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Well, (such a deep subject for such a shallow mind) my blog experience is closing in on 6-8 months now. The winter here in New Mexico has been cold so I have not been able to work in my unheated upholstery shop. The weather is turning and warming up so I may be able to get back to submitting upholstery how-to's and projects soon. As you can read I am still going to the Universtiy of Phoenix and selling in my eBay store. Both experiences have had there challanges. I appreciate all of those (world wide) that take the time and find a tidbit of interest in my bantering. You all take care........Duane

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bling Blang Woody Guthrie Lyrics Vladimir Radunsky Illustrations

Hello. I suppose, here of late you are wondering if this is an actual blog about antique furniture upholstery. If you were to read my welcome header you will see that I am much more than an antique furniture upholster. I do have a project coming up and am working on the post to illustrate how to rebuild an antique chair. But until then I have a book that I came across that I want to share with you.

Those of the generation that endured the first "Great Depression" knew well of Woody Guthrie. Me I am of the generation that was familiar with his son, Arlo Guthrie. Both men, in particular Woody, were troubadours against social injustice and the plight of the working man. Where the hell is he at when we need him now. In fact where the hell is anyone that is sticking up for the working man? Woody Guthrie would be having a hay day with what is going on in our country today. It makes you wonder what kind of ballads he could have come up with to rail against the un-American corporate greed that is sapping the life blood out of this great country of ours? I hope that we are able to survive.
Anyway enough of that pontificating. This amazing book is what Fernando Lamas would say"absolutely marvelous" or is that ol' whats his name the comedian? Billy somebody oh yeah Crystal. Vladimir Radunsky perfectly matched the lyrics of Woody's with his art.

"You get a hammer and I'll get a nail;
You catch a bird and I'll catch a snail;
You bring a board and I'll bring a saw;
And we'll build a house for the baby-o.
(I wonder if the baby he was referring to was Arlo?)
(everybody sing now the chorus)
Bling Blang
Hammer with my hammer
Zing-o Zang-o
Cutting with my saw.

And so it goes. If you want to see the rest of the lyrics go to one of the links or go buy the damn book.
Well ( I know a deep subject for such a shallow mind) I guess that's 'bout it for now. I hope that you had fun because I know that I did. I will get an upholstery post up soon.
Until next time.
Happy Trails


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