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Friday, October 1, 2010

Motorcycle Overseas Annual & Buyers Guide (Hdvr 1925)

I sell books in My eBay Store. I find books fasinating, particularly the older ones. I look for them when I am out and about crusiing through flea markets and antique stores. Every once in a while I go to a yard sale. That is where I found this rare and very interesting book. When I pick up a book I always look for the condition, the year it was published and what the topic presents. The condition of this book is what I would determine to be in "acceptable" condition. But when I started thumbing throught the contents I was entralled.

I found the book to be filled with pictures and information about all the motorcycles made in Great Britian in 1925. I was amazed at how many manufactures and parts manufactures there were at that time. I was familiar with names like Norton, Triumph and B.S.A. but I had never heard of Royal Enfield, The New Hudson, A.J.S. or The Humber. This book has buyers guides for over 40 different manufactures and parts manufactures in that era. Who Knew?

As I continued to investigate this publication I found it to be complete with specification charts, articles on how to maintain your motorcycle, accessories available, articles on the various race tracks in Great Britian and so much more. I would image that this interesting book would be a valuable resource for collectors and restoreres of these antique motorcycles.

That is why I like to look for and sell books. In our technological society books, like newspapers, seem to be quickly disappearing from our society. Will it ever come to a time when our childrens children ask "what's a book"? I hope not.

Thank you for letting me share this interesting find with you. For other titles of books please go to

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