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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rare and Hard To Find Childrens Books

Hello. As some of you have surmised by now that I sell "stuff" on eBay. One of the items that I like to sell is books. With all of the modern technology that we have today it makes an ol' geezer like me wonder if there will be a time when there are no books. I hope that will not be the case. When I am out there lookin' for stuff and come across a book I don't necessarily have any idea what they are or how much they are worth. Sometimes the book just has a look and feel to it. Maybe it is from experience or just luck I don't know. The other day I came across some older children's books that I would like to share with you. Most of these children's books are from the 1940's, '50's, '60's and a couple are from the 1980's. I am constantly amazed, with some books with the colorful artwork that went in to the publication. That may have been why when I was a young lad that I liked reading books. Because of the pictures.

This book is about a bee and how the bee made its daily tasks fun instead of drudgery. The book was written by Rhoda McBain and artfully illustrated by C. Leslie Crandall. Hollow Tree House published this delightful children's book in 1948 (one year before my arrival). The story is a good lesson but what amazes me is the color and artwork in the book. The book is in fragile acceptable condition with the hardcover being loose from the content pages. That is not to say the the couldn't be read and enjoyed.

Here is another delightful children's book about a day in the life of a black cocker spaniel named Mrs. Silk. She was given the name because her coat was jet black, shiny and smooth as silk. The story is about the dogs interaction with her family of humans. The book was compiled by Helen Hoke and the illustrations were provided by Diana Thorne. The book was published by Veritas Press of New York in 1945. When I go to list a book, on eBay , especially older, vintage books I always try and do a little research about the book, author and illustrator. Helen Hoke was a well known author of children's books in her day. Diana Thorne was a Russian immigrant (she didn't start out with the name Diana) that was highly regarded as an illustrator. Ms. Thorne was particularly fond of illustrating dogs. This book is filled with her work and I must say it is fantastic. The book is in acceptable to good condition. The hardcover is showing wear and tear but the content pages are in very good condition. This book is a rare and hard to find publication.

Here are a couple of fun pop-up books. The classic tale of Red Riding Hood is a Modern Promotions book number 20002. I did not find a publication year but I believe it is from the 1970's.
The Dinosaur pop-up book includes dinosaurs from 150, 100 and 65 million years ago. this book is a Scholastic Book and was published in the late 1980's. For a more detailed description of each book click the link to the listing.

This is the story of a one room schoolhouse and how the children of the school learned, grew and cared for the school. This is a story of a by gone era that will never been seen again in this country. Where rural children of all ages gathered in a one room school and actually got an education. well you know that ain't happin' today huh? the book was compiled by Virginia H. Ormsby and published by J. B. Lippincott Company in 1958. Virginia Ormsby dedicated this book "to the children of Sunset School". From my research I do believe that the story was based upon Ormsby's personal experience. Click on the link to get a full description of condition and price. In many cases with the books I sell free shipping is provided.

I am sure that there are many out there in blogger land that spent some time in front of the tube watching Popeye the Sailor Man. Can you imagine today having a cartoon hero that appeared that he was on steroids, smoked a pipe, ate spinach and had an anorexic girl friend who Brutus was always schemein' on. Not to mention where the hell did Sweetpea come from? Then there was Popeye's pal Wimpy who was far from wimpy and constantly eating those high cholesterol, high caloric hamburgers. I don't want to get into deciphering Brutus, the pervert. It's no wonder that those of us that grew up with Popeye are just a little weird. I speak for myself of course.
The book is in very good condition. Click the link to get a full description of condition and price.

Well that's all of the gems that I have for now.

Until we meet again.
Happy Trails


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