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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Collectibles I Found This Weekend

I came across a few unique and hard to find books and collectibles this weekend. Personally I am not a collector but I do enjoy finding "old stuff" for those that do collect. I also enjoy the history behind some items that I do find that take us back to a much gentler time in our society.

You can find these items and many more collectibles, books and home decor products in them store.

I found these parts when I was out scrounging around on Friday. From my research they appear to be off an old Frigidaire (remember when this country actually made stuff) refrigerator from the late 1920's. There are the door handle, hinges, gaskets, ice cube trays, name plate, temperature control plate and some hardware. Hard to find parts for the restorer of these old appliances.

This manual was compiled by R.P. Williams A.M. and published by Ginn & Company in 1901. The manual was written specially to accompany "Introduction To Chemical Science" by the same author. The manual contains "directions for performing one hundred of the more important experiments in general chemistry and metal analysis, with blanks and a model for the same, laboratory rules and suggestions, and tables of elements, compounds, solutions, apparatus, and chemicals". The book is in very good condition. This is a rare and hard to find publication.

Prop Wash Glossary of Aviation Terms by B. Stevens 1983

A humorous take on general aviation terms with cartoon illustrations. If you are an aviation aficionado you may see the humor in this book. For instance: A & P Rating....Permits the holder to fly groceries for a major food chain.....Now ain't that a knee slapper (lmao). Written and illustrated by Bob Stevens and published by Village Press in 1983 ISBN: 0-910497-01-X

AAA New Mexico Approved Auto Repair Metal Sign 29 x 26

Here is a great sign for all of you metal sign collectors. A 29 x 26 double side AAA New Mexico Approved Auto Repair sign. I am selling this sign for $99.99 which includes the shipping.

Vintage B&B Alaron AM/FM Radio 8 Track Tape Player

This one will take you back. This B&B Alaron AM/FM 8 track player is from the early 1970's. The unit still works. The interesting thing about this unit is that the two pieces separate so that you have a stereo effect.

The radio has three power sources which you can plug it in, pug it in to your cigarette lighter in your car or boat or run it on batteries. So dig out those old 8 tracks that you have stored and do a little rockin' and rollin'.

Acme Cold War Era Bomb Shelter Personal Gas Mask w/Case

ACME Full Face Gas Mask

Maybe some of my readers are old enough to remember the Cold War era where we practicing "duck and cover" in case the Soviet Union dropped a nuclear bomb on us. Like those wood desks would have protected us right? I think they just wanted all of us to be in nice neat little ash piles when it was all over with. For those that aren't old enough to remember it was a scary time for a little kid. Back then people were looking into and actually building bomb shelters and preparing for the worst, I can remember my Dad brought one of these home one night (yes just one in a family of five) and it was kinda like "just who gets to wear it"? I guess dad figured that since he made us that he could always make some more. So anyway Mom made him take it back and use the money to buy something useful like food or clothes or some other kind of none sense. This personal Acme Full Face Gas Mask kit appears that it was never used and has been in it's storage case for years. I guess that Acme made a full sight face mask so that you could enjoy watching the mushroom cloud approach you just before you were evaporated.

One of the reasons I like to pick up this kinda stuff is the history behind it. Taking you back. It's like the refrigerator parts back to a time where this country made stuff. Stuff that worked well and lasted for generations. Like the B&B Alaron radio which was hot stuff as far as technology goes back then. I know I know it was made in Hong Kong. When I pick up a book in a lot of cases it just feels right. I really don't have any idea at the time (no I don't haul my computer around with me to do searches on the stuff I am going to buy). It just has a feel and maybe that comes from experience.
Just a few of my interesting listings that you can find in My eBay Store

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